Creating Integrated Supply Chains

Digitize. Optimize. Automate.

The Opportunity

Global Companies cater to markets across Continents today. Supply Chains that ensure effective market coverage at optimum Logistics costs are therefore the backbone of Organizations. The critical challenges Supply Chain Leaders traditionally face include co-ordination between functional siloes within the organization, and the lack of Visibility and Control of activities outside. The Opportunity that lies ahead of the Supply Chain Leaders that adopt Technology today is to Integrate with Collaborators, establish end-to-end visibility, and ultimately gain the ability to intervene in their Supply Chain when necessary.

Leaders that are leveraging the potential of recent Technological advancements for solving challenges in their Company’s Supply Chain Vertical are Re-defining the Industry.

The Process

By championing a Holistic Digital Transformation initiative, Leaders can Re-engineer Business Processes and give their Companies the competitive edge of an Agile Supply Chain.



Our Digital Platform enables Supply Chain Players across the world to collaborate in real time.



Our Digitization Engine with Proprietary architecture can eliminate Data Entry in Supply Chain.



When Supply Chain Expertise is built into Algorithms, systems can ensure the optimum desired output.



When information is Digitized, activities can be Automated and performed error free and at a mere fraction of the original time.



With the advent of Cloud Technologies, Partners across the Globe can Integrate information from different systems seamlessly.



With Validated Data from within and outside the Organization, Leaders are empowered with Augmented Analysis on Defined Metrics.

The Edge


A Suite of intelligent Applications for Supply Chain Stakeholders managing International and Domestic Shipments


A Platform for Supply Chain Partners to integrate operations and establish end-to-end visibility and control on goods in transit.


A System to Build and Execute the Optimal Transportation Scenario.


Leveraging over a century’s combined experience of Supply Chain Consulting and Technology Implementation to Re-engineer Enterprise wide and Enterprise out Business Processes.


A Consulting exercise resulting in the Digitization of Documents and information flow through the Enterprise Technology Stack.

Unifo BI

A Consulting activity resulting in Dashboards visualizing Enterprise wide Data and offering Inferences and Insights based on Analytics.

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